We currently provide services in the following areas of the law:

• Conveyancing
• Wills
• Enduring Power of Attorney
• Probate
• Litigation


We specialise in all aspects of sale, purchase and mortgage transactions as well as dealing with inter-family matters and projects where particular care is needed to ensure that all taxation and related matters are addressed.

Acquiring your first house or apartment or moving to a new property can be a daunting experience and our aim is to smooth the paths of our clients. This involves coordinating with Banks, Building Societies and other lending institutions as well as with mortgage brokers and other advisors and agencies which can be involved in ensuring that the monies are available to complete the transaction in a timely fashion.


We advise clients regarding the drawing up of Wills in each person’s individual circumstances. We particularly emphasise the importance for the parents of young children of putting arrangements in place to ensure that proper care is available for their children by way of setting up guardianship and financial arrangements. A critical aspect of Will making is careful consideration of the taxation implications of what is intended and this is carefully addressed.

Enduring Power of Attorney

We also draw our clients' attention to the wisdom of putting arrangements in place to provide for unexpected eventualities such as accident or illness resulting in their being unable to manage their own affairs. Since 1996 legislation has been in place providing a simplified procedure by way of Enduring Power of Attorney to enable an individual to choose whom they would wish to look after them and deal with their affairs if such an eventuality ever arose.

Such a Power has no legal effect until a situation would arise where a person is certified by a doctor as not being able to manage their own affairs. In the small minority of cases where such an eventuality arises we attend to the Registration of the Power with the Office of Wards of Court. Protective measures are built into the legislation to protect an elderly or infirm person availing of this procedure.


We deal with all aspects of the administration of estates of deceased persons, to include dealing with the Revenue, Social Welfare authorities and the Probate Office itself to lead to the issue of the appropriate Grant of Probate, where a Will has been made, or Administration where a person dies without making a Will. Such a Grant enables the Executor appointed by the Will or the Administrator, where there is no Will, to finalise all matters and vest the property of the deceased in the persons entitled. We also deal with all issues which can arise where there are difficulties surrounding Wills or the failure to make a Will and advise clients as to how best to resolve such matters either by negotiation or, if negotiation fails, by application to Court.


We advise our clients regarding personal injury and general litigation matters. In recent times this involves dealing, with a client’s authority, with the Personal Injury Assessment Board. The Board was set up with the aim of simplifying the process of dealing with the consequences of Personal Injuries arising from motor accidents and other circumstances but many people have found that in all but the simplest situations they need legal assistance in dealing with the resolution of a claim. We also deal with cases where the matter is not resolved by way of the application to the Personal Injury Assessment Board and gives rise to an application to the Court.

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